Tribal Ink Tattoo Insurance

As a leading national provider of tattoo insurance, we at Mourer-Foster, Inc. understand all that goes into running a tattoo shop, body piercing parlor or permanent make-up salon. We understand your business and the associated risks and want to help provide you with a high quality liability insurance policy. We offer liability insurance coverage for the following:

  • Tattoo Shop Insurancetribalink-tatoo-img
  • Permanent Make-Up Artist Insurance
  • Body Piercing Insurance

We work with our clients in the tattoo and piercing industry to provide personal service that is second to none. We are continually committed to staying focused and knowledgeable of your business and look forward to serving you for years to come.

Tattoo Insurance Coverage Options

Tribal Ink coverage through Mourer-Foster, Inc. is available in two types of comprehensive coverage options. Review coverage options below, then complete a quote to purchase a policy online. For additional coverage details, for any of our packages, please contact a Tribal Ink representative.

Barbed Wire tribal-barbed-img

A simple liability policy coverage of 300,000/500,000 for the small tattoo, body piercing shop and shops that perform cosmetic tattoos and permanent make-up. Premium starts at $750.00 a year for tattoo parlors earning under $150,000 in gross revenue with up to 5 Artists/Piercers or up to 8 Artists. This policy does not cover personal property, but additional coverages can be added if needed.



A custom policy for the tattoo artist or body piercer that owns the property in which they are located. Premium is based on required coverage and rating. Structured for shops that earn in excess of $300,000 in gross revenue and need liability coverage over 500,000/1,000,000. Policy could include Worker’s Comp coverage and Trade Show and Professional Liability.

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