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Safety Tips for Keeping Pets Away From the Christmas Tree

Ah, the holidays! That special time of year when we spend joyous, quality time with our friends and family, especially our four-legged friends and furry family members. We gather around the Christmas tree, but the season of giving also comes with fancy ornaments, decorations and displays that can often be problematic for our pets. We certainly don’t want the “most wonderful time of the year” to be a chaos for our companions, so we must be on alert for potential dangers. For example, perhaps one of the first perils we may imagine during December is the whole “cat versus tree”
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Difference between Insurance and Bonding

Main Differences between Insurance and Bonding We are often asked what it means to be insured as opposed to being bonded. We have outlined some basic information below to help those interested in obtaining insurance or bonding understand the key differences between the two. -The Contract Insurance is a form of risk management.  It is a two-party contract between the insured and the insurance company.  The insurance policy assumes a guaranteed promise that the insured will be compensated by the insurance company in the case of a covered loss. A Surety bond is a contract among at least three parties.  It
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Kennel Cough in Dogs

Kennel cough, also known as Bordatellosis, Bordatella or tracheobronchitis, is a highly contagious respiratory infection that is most commonly contracted when dogs are kept in close proximity to multiple dogs, for example in a dog kennel, animal shelter, or veterinary clinic. Kennel cough is a respiratory virus that is caused most commonly by the following infection spreading agents including, but not limited to the canine parainfluenza virus, canine distemper virus, Bordetella bronchiseptica, and canine adenovirus 2. Kennel cough is not normally a serious disease, but if a dog is young, very old, or has a past history of immune system
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